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Friday, 4 April 2008

Happy National Cleavage Day

Today was national cleavage day. For realz!

I had heard about it earlier in the week, and then totally forgot, so ended up going to work in jeans and my new up-to-the-neck Parlotones t-shirt.
So while it IS super cool and even has Glenn's signature on it *swoon*, it wasn't exactly appropriate attire for TODAY....

So to make up for it, and as threatened/promised to a colleague, I went running on the Sea Point promenade in a more revealing outfit.
This is us after our run/cycle.
We had a picnic dinner at the Moullie Point Lighthouse afterwards. Chilly but fun.


  1. LOL Jane, you're looking so good! You are so lucky to live there! It's absolutely beautiful along that promenade.

  2. Hi Jane
    Your photo is fine, you are quite photogenic with and with out the cleavage.