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Monday, 15 March 2010

Quinns ears - it is cholesteatoma.

We had an appointment with this new ENT today. He is an awesome doc. Really made us feel at ease and safe with his calm, supportive and confident manner. He was brilliant with Quinn too. I liked how he approaches the problem like we are all a team working together and that he is there for US.

He does most of his work in the public sector - at Red Cross & Groote Schuur and doesn't often take private clients, but it seems he has decided to help us with this, and I am so thankful because I am not sure I'd feel comfortable with anyone else handling it.

The problems is cholesteatoma, as per my Google investigation/diagnosis.

He checked the hearing test and said the hearing loss in his right ear apparently about a 30-35% loss!

As he said this op is pretty major. It is not easy, it is risky, takes a long time and not many people will even try it because it is a sensitive area and is so risky. (Risks include Facial paralysis from nerve damage, hearing damage, brain issues etc) But it is something he has dealt with before and he really seems knowledgeable and experienced. Also the risks of NOT doing anything become as bad, if not worse than the risks of the op...

Apparently this is the condition which Oscar Wilde died of. His was left untreated for so long that the enzymes eroded right through his skull and his brain got infected. Interesting - but scary!

Although the op is not to be trifled with I really don't think leaving it as an option and now I'd like it to go ahead as soon as possible. He is going to let us know if he can make a plan for this holiday, but failing that I said I'd rather do it in term time rather than wait until June/July because it has been left for too long already. And since he is redoing Grade 4 and pretty much cruising it, a week or so off school for something this major is not a big deal at all.

Anyway the op will take 2.5-3.5 hours if all goes smoothly and up to 6 HOURS if it is more complicated. THAT IS MAJOR! (Not to mention freaking expensive, but that is something I'll work out one way or another.)

Please hold thumbs that he'll be able to schedule us these holidays and that all goes well. I am trying to stay strong, objective and positive about it all. It needs to happen and I need to do what it takes to make sure it does.