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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hugely Inspirational or Totally Insane??

So my best friend and 'person'* is undertaking a MAMMOTH challenge on Friday/Saturday....

Is she running a half marathon? No
Is she running a full marathon? No
Is she running an Ultra Marathon? No
Is she running a hectic trail rain like Table Mountain Challenge? No
Is she running the most hectic trail run event of the year in cape Town called the PUFFER, which is an 80km off road race from Cape Point to the V&A Waterfront over the back of Table Mountain and down Platteklip Gorge...?? Yes... and no.

Because she is doing the TUFFER PUFFER which is Waterfront to Cape Point and BACK again - yes that's 160km of trail running, with a cut-off time of 30 hours!!! :shock:

Note that only 125 people do the PUFFER every year and this year only 9 (yes single digits) are doing the TUFFER PUFFER with her being one of only 2 women attempting it.

I am in awe that she can even consider this never mind be ridiculously excited about it. She is the kind of person who runs a race in bunny ears and whoops and laughs the whole way. She LOVES it.

Wish her luck on Friday and if you are in Cape Town come see her come in sometimes after 2pm on Saturday - Ferryman's at the V&A.

* She is the one person in my life who if I was ever in trouble at 3am I would call her and know that she would drop everything to help me. She is a second mom to my boys, and the most vibrant, enthusiastic, energetic and generous person ever. We have been friends for 11 years now.


  1. Good luck to her! Wow it's insane!

  2. Hopes she has a marvelous time!!
    I cannot relate at all, but I will be holding thumbs for her!