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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Religious Intolerance at 8 years old.

Right so I am very open about that fact that I am not Christian. I was completely atheist previously, but now I have some sense of spirituality, but certainly none with a personified, sentient, omnipotent 'god' figure... 

Anyway regardless, my approach and attitude has always been of acceptance and tolerance and each to his own. No judgement and everyone gets to believe what they believe. It's best to keep it to yourself and all get along and agree to disagree, if needs be.

I have taught the boys to think, question and decide what they are comfortable with too. I answer their questions honestly and with balanced view points and they are free to chose what works for them in the end.

Anyway Griffin came home from school the other day and told me he'd been told by a Christian child in his class that he 'is going to hell because he doesn't believe in Jesus'. I think that is DAMN RUDE and very very very offensive. I would never say anything remotely like that to a Christian, or anyone else for that matter, and find it shocking that 'Christians' get to do that to others, and usually very self righteously too.

I sort of feel like taking it further, but I'll leave it. What I have done, is tell the boys never to fight with someone like that but rather to say, 'I respect your beliefs, even though I don't agree with them & it would be nice if you could do the same for me.'

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