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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Spar Ladies Race 5km - Quinn & Griffin

Quinn ran the Spar Ladies Race 5km even last week-end and really applied himself. He focused and really went for it...

He ran the 5km in 30 mins!!! That's pretty fast. :shock:

This is the same child who took about 70 mins to do the same distance last year because he was fooling around so much, jumping on water sachets, irritating his brother, spraying water at people, loitering and drinking 4 cups of coke at the water point. So generally to distracted and discombobulated to even TRY.

I am so proud of him! And I think he really enjoys it. :)

I am doing the Safari Half in Wellington on 1 May and he wants me to enter him into the Fun Run there too. He is almost at the point of wanting to join me on a run around the Rondebosch Common too.

Griff still takes part willingly when ever possible. He does it quite seriously and with commitment, but he is a definate walker. He was enjoying it more than it look like... he is just very earnest! ;)

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