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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Our Holiday Part 5 - Chiang Mai in transit

 On arriving back in Chiang Mai from Pia in our rented car, we proceeded straight to the Chiang Mai Zoo... which is a huge, actually pretty nice as far as zoos go, place. It is not cheap, but is well organised and the animals all have sensible enclosures and decent living conditions. We were all a little tired from the long drive, so less keen on walking than usual, so were grateful for the efficient shuttle bus services that runs all around the zoo and makes the steep hills and long distances between exhibits less of a trek. Personally I would have made it a walking day has we had more time and energy, but having the transport was great at the time.

We were very privileged to see 2 Giant Pandas. They were fed while we were there and it was so cool to watch them eating. They are so animated and characterful. It really was like watching Po from Kung-Fu Panda. They are really adept and dexterous with the bamboo!
This little guy was only a few months old and just the cutest thing ever!
We also saw tigers, Gibbons, a weird Asian Rhino, Koala, and a bunch of other random animals which I forget now...

After we were done with the zoo, we drove up the long and steep winding road (which loads of locals were cycling and running up, no mean feat especially in that heat. I was super impressed!) up to the top of the mountain to Doi Suthep. Which is a magnificent Buddhist temple complex. I love love love the Thai Buddhist culture and am very drawn to the temples Buddhas and monks. I find them literally awe inspiring. We had arrived at Doi Suthep just in time for the sun set, which was lovely and so tranquil and calming up there. I enjoyed some moments of solace while A and the boys ran up and down creating cacophonies on the various gongs and prayer bells around the complex.
We were lucky to be there as the monks came out for their evening devotions and got to sit and watch as they prayed and chanted. That was really special. I also lit a candle and some incense and made a wish for Angelique while we were there. I am very gad we made the time to go to Doi Sethep. It has special memories for me. I just love the photo above which I took of the young monk gazing into the distance...

After Doi Suthep we found yet more night markets, these ones near the university, and they were bustling with youngsters eating from the hundreds and hundreds of food options available as well as shopping for clothes, shoes, make-up, watches, trinkets etc. It was vibey and pretty fun. We eventually made the really tough food selection and had diner and then found the most delicious and decadent ice-cream ever! You got to chose your own flavour and they literally made it in front of you! They had a frozen 'skottle' type thing which they poured chocolate or vanilla 'milk shake' onto and whatever flavouring you wanted and they scrape and mix and chop it up as it freezes and becomes your own unique never to be repeated custom ice-cream. It was flippen DELICIOUS! The boys of course chose Oreos, Sweets, Chocolate, more Sweets, Caramel etc.
After checking into our hotel for our last night in Chiang Mai, A went to the Wororot Night Market to do yet MORE shopping. I was totally shopped out by then so I had a long bath and enjoyed a wine cooler, from  the mini-bar, in bed instead. LOL.

Next up, the last part of our trip, the spectacular Angkor Wat!

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  1. Oh ANgkor Wat - really want to see it. And that ice cream looks fantastic. I would love to see pandas too