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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Quinn & his 'Khayaletsha Bra'

So Quinn brought his 'Khayaletsha Bra' Sandile home on Friday. He was a lovely friendly and polite boy and they got on really well.

Quinn was very nice to him and looked after him really well offering him food and drinks, taking him out cycling and skateboarding, and gave him a soccer ball which Sandile really liked. They also found a Pokemon Card 'Sandile' which is meant to be SAND-DILE as in crocoDILE, but he was like "Hey that's my name! SUN-DEH-LI". So Quinn gave that to him, which I thought was super sweet.

Anyway they went to Scouts on Friday night and apparently had a ball. They came back late and had quite a late night and I had to wake them early to get them to town for a function on Sat morning. 

Today I told Quinn that he probably usually goes to bed earlier because he was FAST asleep when I woke him on Sat morning...

Guess what my son told me!? He apparently told Sandile that he had a pet snake that cruises around the house on the floor. Obviously Sandile wasn't thrilled to hear that, so Quinn says he admitted he was just joking and left it at that.

BUT there's a photo of Quinn holding a HUGE Python on our pin-board right outside the spare room. Sandile spotted that as he was going into his room to go to bed... so then he apparently thought Quinn was just joking about NOT having a snake. So the poor boy apparently didn't sleep well at all, because he was worried a snake might climb into bed with him! Shame man!!!

Here Quinn with his week-end bud. 
Quinn goes to stay with them next month. I hope they set the Tokkeloshe on him! :twisted:

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