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Friday, 15 March 2013

Quinn - Cholesteatoma Update 1 year post- surgery #5

This update is a little overdue!

Quinn had his last c-toma surgery almost exactly a year ago now.

It was surgery #5 - #4 to the right ear. It was to replace the TORP in his right ear which had perforated his ear drum and come out, and to try to stablise the mastoid cavity which had continued to produce some discharge and required regular cleaning.

After the surgery we weren't sure how effective the surgery had been and his ear seemed to not be hearing brilliantly, and seemed to still need cleaning. We gave it time and didn't rush the next audiogram and kept cleaning it and drying it out.

WELL now a year later not only is it now hearing better than his 'good' left ear but it is also stable and self cleaning and drying. We had a 3-month break between visits and doc was so pleased that all looked great despite summer swimming etc that we are now on 6-monthly visits! Woohoo.

I just wanted to let you know that if you persevere and keep going with this thing it can and does get better. Eventually. So if you are going through it. Don't give up! 

Quinn is now 13 and the doc thinks his eustation tubes are now draining effectively which is why his ears are staying clean and dry as needed.

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