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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Monday, 17 June 2013

Is there anyone out there?

I have been wondering if there really is any point to me blogging anymore.

I like having a record of stuff we do, but I don't think anyone reads it or cares.

It takes time to do, and though I think it's great to look back on over time, it just doesn't seem relevant right now.

So is anyone actually out there?


  1. You were read in germany, too-since years. :o)

  2. Thanks Kiezkicker. I have noticed you over the years. How did you find me?

    1. Well, if I should tell the truth: Just by doing a random search about photos of capetown. ;-)

      Background: In general I like it to view photos from around the world, and specially photos from the daily life of the families in specific areas. Often it starts with a session playing around in google-earth or something like that... and watch there the layers which shows photos, and if I see something which look interesting I search on flickr or ipernity for photos from this area and sometimes then I stay longer on the guys who post something about the daily life in these areas.

      Well, a few years ago, with some of your first accounts at flickr (well, now you don´t need to count it up as the space will never be full on free accounts anymore, lol).

      But if I remembering it right in your one it wasn´t caused by a virtual wourld-traveling via google-earth. I think I saw a documentation in the tv about Townships in southafrica. Of course it´s most about Soweto, but (reading wikipedia...) - I thought - they must said something about "Khayelitsha", too, cause if not I wouldn´t searched for Capetown but Johannesburg instead. But I haven´t anybody from the area of Johannesburg in my feedreader so I suggest Capetown looks something more interesting in this documentation. But it´s a long time since I saw it so I don´t really know it why it was Capetown instead of Johannesburg...

      So search in flickr for photos which are shown capetown to get a general view of it. Well, I don´t know in which area of capetown you are living (or if it was just nearby of capetown), but that´s not the nessessary point of it. What I search and found in your stream at flickr was a "normal family which take photos about the daily life around capetown and upload them to flickr". So your stream was one of three which I have in my feedreader in the folder named "capetown".

      Well... that´s the whole story behind it. :o) Hoping it´s ok for you that I wasn´t really interested in you personally (how I could? I don´t know you in real, lol), but use your photos to sneak around about - well - the casual daily life around Capetown. :o)

    2. Alrighty. That sorta flattering and sorta creepy at the same time :)

  3. Replies
    1. Huch, noch so ein Deutscher auf virtuellem S├╝dafrikabesuch. ;-)

  4. Don't you dare stop blogging .....I'm a religous follower ;) ...yours & Mel's guys ground me & I don't feel so alone in the 'ups & downs' of parenting.

    You've had an exciting year hey :)


  5. Daniel: you virtual hugs have always been the best!

  6. Lischka: I was actually thinking about you the other day! We need to get together and have a big catch-up! :)