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Monday, 11 August 2014

So I am now officially unemployed...

For a while.

I was meant to only be taking 6-weeks off work when this baby came, with a couple of half-day weeks either side to transition in and out.

But sadly the wheels of corporate fate turned and this time I was the victim.

I was completely gob-smacked and blind-sided by it and neither my team 'Team Awesome' nor I could believe it. Despite us questioning, pleading, imploring it seems there was nothing to be done about it. So despite being an award winning manager and team at department, division and group level I am now out, of one of the best jobs I have ever had.


But sadly Friday was my last day and I have to face the fact that I no longer work there and am not just on 'maternity Leave' now. SO the big and daunting job hunt starts now - but I can't realistically start anything new before November so I am trying not to stress about it and just rest and prepare for the pending birth about 10 days to go now!!! - and once baby is here and I am recovered and active again I'll start to look for something new.

In the mean time my Awesome Team remained awesome in the weeks leading up to my departure, staying supportive, funny, encouraging and incorrigibly edgy as only they can be.


They are really phenomenal!

Last Friday I was invited to a braai. It was one of my Test Lead's birthday so she invited me to her birthday braai...

Except when I got there it was not her birthday braai. My whole team and some other work friends were there and they put on an awesome party for me, as only my team can. Heaps of food, music, a chocolate fountain and a huge delicious red velvet cake etc. It was amazing and I was so surprised and bowled over by it all.

They also got me a beautiful silver locket with my initials engraved on the back, chocolates and a little booklet which they had all written notes and doodles in for me. They also got a canvas printed for me!

This is the cake and canvas:
Team Awesome being Awesome-md.jpg

I am going to miss them so much!!!

(As for the rest of the management team they remain pretty mum and are apparently shutting people down and playing dumb when anyone asks questions. Nice guys, real nice! I am not sure I will ever know what REALLY happened, but I suspect it was part of a bigger corporate restructure plan playing out.)


  1. OH i am so sorry - really how can they? And you can not get them to the CCMA as they are not allowed to let you go when preganant?

    1. Unfortunately not, I am an independent contractor so it turns out they can do whatever they want and I have no recourse at all. :(

  2. You are such a tough cookie my friend. I often think How does she do it! I hope the job situation is sorted very quickly.