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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Friday, 22 May 2015

Other news. Work related.

On the work front, I have been working at my current place of work since Nov ( since baby N was 10 weeks old) as an Independent Contractor. Things have been a bit up and down as the big project I was hired for was suddenly cancelled a month after I started, so it wasn't certain I'd be kept on. I have kept going and doing what I can from month to month to see how it would pan out, keeping my options open in case I need to move on....

So I had to do a COPAS (Cognitive Potential Assessment) test on Monday at work, as I was being considered for a promotion to head of the PMs and to possibly transition to a perm position. Noting that several other perms and internal BEE candidates applied too. (I didn't even actually apply formally as I was away at the time the opening ran officially, but my manager asked if I wanted to be in the running and I said yes).

I enjoyed the assessment but it was challenging! ESPECIALLY since I still felt brain dead from jet-lag, teething baby not sleeping and the on-set of a bout of flu and climbing the mountain after running a race the day before too!

Anyway I did it, but the time went by so flipping fast. First round had 30 questions and I only got to about 25 of them before time was up and some I had skipped over, so I reckon I left out between 6-8 answers out of 30. That's a LOT!!! On the second half there were 15 questions and I zoomed through those so I got to all of them, but thought I may have rushed and made silly mistakes. Anyway the feedback was that my results were 'exceptionally good' showing both 'excellent current cognitive powers but also excellent potential'. Woohoo!

So I have been offered the position, and it will probably imply me transitioning to a permanent employee too. I just need to sit with HR to see if we can come to an agreement wrt to package and structure etc.

Nie te kak nie!