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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Precious Plastic Fork!

Quinn is a complete magpie, he will happily collect any crap.

He is also a shopoholic. It is actually distressing for him to leave a shop without buying something. ANYTHING. Lately when we go to the shop he always leaves with a straw or fork or something. Always.

It drives me crazy because it creates litter, clutter, wastage etc etc. And I am very aware of consumerism, global warming and conservation atm. So I want to dissuade him from taking stuff, which we really don't need. For instance I almost never buy plastic bags any more. I always take my own, and if not I'll carry my purchases loose.

So last week-end we were in a Pick 'n Pay on the way to a friend. We'd stopped in to get a snack for tea time. It wasn't one of our usual Pick 'n Pays. While I was paying, Quinn started helping himself to the plastic cutlery. I asked him not to take any. He said he 'needed' one. A discussion ensued about it. He claimed it was a black fork (they are usually white) so he 'really really needed it'!

I eventually asked why....

" It's a 'Limited Edition' "


He is too much, really!


  1. Quinn is just the funniest child! PMSL!

  2. This story is frigging hilarious!!!!