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Monday, 30 June 2008


The boys and I are on our Thailand trip and are doing ok so far. The trip here was long and tiring but we coped ok, although by the time we checked into our room at 2pm on Saturday I was feeling a bit shattered.

It's 3rd night here tonight, and last night in this Bangkok hotel. We are in the Indira Regent Hotel ( It's nice but not spectacular. We have actually not done that much of the tourist thing yet, because when we come back to Bangkok next week we'll be in a more central area and will have easier access to places like the Grand Palace, most of the landmark Temples (Wat Po & Wat Arun) and the Dusit zoo etc so we'll do those then.

So far we have hung out in our area, which it turns out is a big shopping area (Pratunum Plaza is on our doorstep, and the infamous BKT HUUUUGE shopping mall & Siam centre are kind of in walking distance... well not really but I managed to get the boys to walk all the way there today, without too much moaning ;)


Pratunam Market

Pratunam Market is the largest clothing market in Bangkok. If they don't have what you are looking for, it is not available in Bangkok! That is, you will not find fashion clothing there. Go to large shopping centers and department stores for that. For all the rest (particularly your summer clothing) go to Pratunam market for a one-stop clothing "update". *** This virtual tour starts in the heart of Pratunam market. In the middle of this huge market you find some small streets, like the one pictured. Along these streets are shops with clothing only. For ladies and men, for detailed sales or wholesale. If you see something of your liking, buy it. You won't find it cheaper anywhere else in Bangkok. The right hand side picture above shows you a street where Pratunam market ends. But also there, along the street, it is clothing, clothing and clothing. For instance here, a stall with good quality shirts.But Pratunam market is not only in and along the streets. The largest part is inside covered areas. Just walk inside these large covered areas to find more clothing. You did not find what you were looking for outside? Look inside! There they have it! Above are two pictures, more or less randomly taken in the huge covered areas of Pratunam market. By the way, it may be interesting to know that the literal translation of Pratunam is Watergate! Who had ever thought that? The bad news -however- is that I do not know where this name comes from. Neither does my (Thai) wife. If you, visitor, know this, please mail us by clicking the link at the bottom!
Pratunam market is not just inside the large hall-like covered areas, it is also for a large part within one of the Bayoke Towers. Walk inside and discover that the lower floors of this huge building, towering high over Bangkok, is a part of Pratunam clothing market (left hand side picture above). Another unexpected experience, while walking through this market, is that you will see a (small) branch of PATA department store (right hand side picture above). The main branch is near Pinklao Bridge. PATA is not inside the Bayoke tower, but somewhere in the covered area of the market. You will probably see it while strolling through the market. They, by the way, do also have other things, apart from clothing.
The boys have coped better than expected in some respects, but have also managed to irritate the crap out of me at times too ;) But they have been willing and able to walk around and browse markets, and haven't freaked out at the weird sights or sounds etc, which is good. They were a bit reluctant to try the food at first, claiming to not be hungry - for nearly 2 days, but today I ordered some stuff anyway and once they tasted it they ate like starved peaants. Quinn has been his usual self but seems to have settled down today - he got a funky remote controlled car - so that may have helped (bribery) - which we managed to bargain down from 700Bht to 400Bht.

Yesterday we went to the Chatuchuk Weekend market which is a gigantic flea market - it is humongous, about the size of Rondebosch - no kidding.

It is hot, but not as hot as last time. Temps are around 35 so not unbearable but definitely sweaty-hot (last time we had 38-45 degs each day which was a little extreme).

I have even been to the hotel gym on all 3 days we have been here. Only done 3-5kms at a time on the treadmill and sweated about 5l afterwards, but it's been fun (I even got Q to take a photo of me running as proof). We have also been swimming in the hotel pool.

We have also been for some divine foot massages and I had a Thai massage last night they are 139Bht each for an hour. (divide by 4 for Rands!)

Anyway my time is nearly up.

We are off to Phuket tomorrow, will try hook up from there and post a few pics if I can.


  1. Sounds like you're having a fantastic time, enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Moaning Myrtle8 July 2008 at 16:29

    Sounds like you having a blast - very jealous!!