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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Friday, 18 July 2008

Decrepit shoes

Should I laugh or cry???

My first thought was that the universe is conspiring against me... because my life is just turning into a comedy of errors. But then I thought, dammit I will not be cynical, nor fall into the trap of negative and self-fulfilling thought cycles,

And so I am seeing the humour in this situation and laughing it off.

Today I put on a pair of shoes I haven't worn for ages, possibly 2 years. I used to wear them often... They are black leather closed shoes with a buckle on the side. (I could probably wear them when I am flying on my broom-stick). I looked at them and thought "hrm ... do I even like them any more? Should I wear them, or give them to my domestic?"

I decided to wear them, and then thought I'd decide later if I am going to keep them.

As I dropped G at school I noticed my foot felt funny. I check my foot and about 1/3 of the right hand side sole in the front was gone! Yikes. So I thought I would just go about my day and then ditch the shoes once I get home. So I nonchalantly walk into work pretending everything was fine...

About an hour later I moved my left foot under my desk and realized that the heel felt weird. I look down and half the left sole is hanging off, with the whole heel! Shit!

So I get up to walk somewhere and realize that wasn't going to work. So I decided I'd just have to stay at my desk all day. Damn and I was so busy too.

At 9:35 I walked 2 meters to my colleague's desk as I stepped away a huge chunk of shoe stayed behind... *blush* So embarrassing!

My shoes were literally disintegrating around my feet. All I can think is that the sole got really brittle since I last wore them and as I was walking around it was just crumbling off. So at 9:45 I hobbled out, literally flew to Access Park, galloped into a shop bought the first pair of shoes that fitted and was back at my desk before 10am, and just before my manager arrived. WHEW. I am good hey!?

As I got back I noticed a piece of my shoe in my parking bay... it is everywhere.

Anyway, I didn't manage to slip the attention of my all-male colleagues. So I tried to impress them with how quick I had fixed the situation - it was basically the time of one of their smoke-breaks. But they teased me about 'typical woman, your shoe breaks so you rush home to get more'. I protested 'No, no! I went to the shop and bought new shoes, look how quick I am! It took 10 mins there and back' and they were like 'Har har we would have just gone barefoot for the day!'.

They were impressed at my speed though. I told them I took my broom! :P

So I have new shoes, and the old ones are DEFINITELY getting thrown out.

Old shoes:

New shoes:


  1. LOL Jane, I can just picture it! This is as bad as Anique and her shoe stories :)

  2. Funny, can picture you stuck at your desk with your shoes dissolving around your feet. Buying shoes in 10 minutes sounds scary, we nee dto see a pic.

  3. .....isnt there something about shoe therapy being good for stress or was it "shopping is therapeutic".

    I can haz new shoez pleaze... and hey Jane do remember Ubuntu sometimes :) Vid

  4. Hey Vid. Well it was far too fast to be therapeutic, but I was efficient and that was good.

    I think of Ubuntu OFTEN. I miss everyone very much!!!