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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Quinn ear update - 6 days post-op

Unfortunately Quinn has developed an infection in the operated-on ear which is now seeping puss. :( He is on a strong course of antibiotics for 5 days to treat this. We are also concerned that his ear seems to be ejecting the bandaging which is stuffed in his ear canal, and the drilled out cavity behind, it which is meant to to stay in there to support it and keep it open as he heals. He may need to have more of this inserted soon to ensure the ear stays properly supported and open. The Doctor also said he has done a skin/muscle graft inside his ear cavity. as the drilled out section needs to develop a skin/muscle lining and this may be compromised by the infection he currently has. Not very good news...
Then although his left ear is stable and has been for 6-12 months now, the doctor feels there is a strong possibility that this one also has a Cholesteotoma growing behind it, based on what he saw through his microscope yesterday and the CT scan results,.

For now he just wants to focus on getting the right ear healed and stablised, for about 3 months, and then we'll deal with the next steps on that ear and the left ear as needed.
On the plus side he does still seems to have some hearing in his right ear, so that's good news. But he definitely hears better with his left ear so we will need to make sure he is able to sit in class with his left ear facing the teacher.

The doctor agrees with me that it is best to keep the head bandage on while his ear is leaking so much.


  1. Oh Jane - I really hope the infection stops and he heals fast. Poor boy. And poor mommy. Love to you girl.

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