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Monday, 28 March 2011

How to deal with a creep 101

On Friday I went for a run to gym and on the way back was walking along grin on my face listening to music on my iPOD. This bergie-type dude was standing on the side of the road ahead of me. He grinned as I passed so I smiled back. Being friendly and happy...

Next thing he is walking next to me trying to make conversation. I couldn't hear him over the iPOD so I said 'Sorry dude, I don't have time to chat now' and merrily walked on. A few paces on I realise the guy is walking right next to me now, like basically touching my arm. So I say 'Dude if I wanted to be walking with you I would be, but I am not so leave me alone now.' He grinned and sort of backed off so I walked on. After a few paces I turned around and now he was just behind me with his hand in his pants. :shock:

This is where I drop my friendliness and approachability. I went into autopilot. I stopped stood facing him directly and sternly said 'HEY! DON'T make me f*** you up. I will kick you in the face!' Boy did he back off fast, apologize, and slink away. EK VAT NIE KAK NIE in a situation like that!!

I think that's why people don't mess with me! :twisted: Seriously though I think the trick is to be confident and firm and not show any fear or vulnerability. I seem to do this naturally and it is empowering.
 I have to wonder what creeps like that are thinking?? Jerks!

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