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Monday, 23 May 2011

I made Quinn cry :(

Had such a loong day today, and really wanted to run when I came home. I have been slacking off big time and just feel blah so I need it... but got home late, weather was really kak - raining and windy - I was tired and hungry, so I ate everything in sight and then felt MORE blah, and then Q tell me he has an oral for tomorrow. Well actually it was for today :roll: but he was luckily not called up so his was carried over to tomorrow. The topic 'I'll never ...' :? :?:

So he says he wants to do it on drugs cos 2 or 3 others did that today. So I tell him maybe he should chose something else, but he was adamant about doing that. So I say ok, cos it's close to home etc. So I ask him if he wants to mention his dad's story. He hesitates, says no and then yes. I tell him it's ok if he does but it might be a bit personal and difficult, plus people might ask him about it afterwards. He ums and ahhs, we tried to think of something else but he finally decided he wanted to do that. So he starts writing a bunch of stuff about how he wouldn't take drugs because it is illegal. So I say doesn't he want to talk more about what it does to your life. That it ruins your life, you can lose everything and it break up families...? At which point he burst into tears (he never cries). :cry: :cry: :cry: I felt so bad.

Anyway we decided it's not the best topic and he doesn't want to have to face questions (and taunts) from other kids. So he instead chose 'I will never not wear my seatbelt'. A much 'safer' topic.

We ended up going to the gym after 19:30, and I managed to do a decent 6km run on the treadmill at least, so I feel better, but we only got home after 21:00 and the boys still had to eat, they weren't hungry before. I think I am ready for bed now.

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