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Monday, 20 February 2012

Why don't you come away

This is the song I was actually looking for the other day... it didn't seem to be available online, but I found it! :) I am really liking the Kongos right now, I hope to catch them live sometime soon.

by Jesse Kongos

Every few thousand years
Come true man's greatest fears
All the living things
Mother nature brings to tears

When the bombs are bursting in the air
(And) the rockets are making that red glare
I'm heading down
Down to that good hope town
Where the weather's fair

So why don't you come away
With me my love
We'll do what it takes
I'll keep you safe

Why don't you stay by me
(And) when the time comes
We'll escape

When the big one finally hits LA
When Yellowstone has it's day
We're heading to the the Southern tip
On a plane or on a ship
We'll do what it takes we'll find a way

And if that cloud forms up above
No sign anywhere of a dove
There'll be no reason left to stay
We'll try and live another day
In a place where there's still love

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