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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Quinn - bad news another c-toma op needed - implant has shifted

Q had a titanium ossicle-replacement implant inserted in July last year and in Oct he had an audio-gram showing great results - his ear was nicely functional for all speech frequencies. We were THRILLED.

We have pretty much been carrying on with our lives since. Quinn has been swimming lot and has even started water-polo, which he is loving...

But last week I took him for what was meant to be a routine ear cleaning as we hadn't been back since Oct/Nov (when the cleaning was quick and easy and hardly needed), his left ear is still fine but the right ear was not looking great. Doc decided in the summer swimming (ie wet in ear) months we need to go at least monthly... but the more he cleaned the more concerned he got until he decided Quinn is going to need another op, and he'll need to prof to come and look and assist again.  

It looks like the implant has shifted. We are not sure if it has just moved/displaced and will now stay where it is or if it is actually coming out. But the cartilage which was over it has moved off and the titanium implant is now exposed - it should NOT be visible from the outside!! Our doc says he'll need to go in from behind the ear again (the more major and serious op) and he is also concerned the cholesteatoma may be coming back.   

NO! :( I am actually so despondent about this. I really thought the ops were over and my strength resilience and bravery is waning. I am so TIRED of all of this....

This will be Op #5. Here we go again...

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  1. So spry about this. Heavens, one just wants it all over and done.