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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Kitchen woes become good fortunes

I have a pretty hideous kitchen. I mean it could be argued that it is bright and cheerful... maybe... but really it is just gross. Picture bile-vomit coloured cabinets, cream floor-tiles, 70s style tiles on the walls, old built-in stove and hob, and a bright shiny yellow and black tiled splash-back... YUCK! And then add to that un-matching appliances and crockery. Not a pretty sight!

Anyway, so since I moved into the house (7.5 years ago now!) I have wanted to redo the kitchen. But kitchens are expensive and once you start you might as well do it properly - right? So I'd need a minimum of R50k to do it even vaguely nicely. Probably a lot more I hear.

When I broke my ankle and was more house bound and had enforced down-time, I decided to tackle home maintenance projects, but then the external work took priority - painting the roof, replacing perished gates and garage doors, restoring window frames. You know he stuff that actually keeps your house in one piece? Nearly R30k later my budget was straining, then a job-redundancy loomed and then happened. So all thoughts of renovating the kitchen evaporated fourth-with and tout-suite! So we have just got by with our gross and run-down kitchen for a further 18-months.

Also, instead of allocating funds for the kitchen, I have opted to go on a few fantastic and memorable and not-for-a-moment-regretted holidays.

So yes the kitchen needs attention.

But you know how every time you think things are going ok and you'll be able to save some money and finally buy/fix that thing... and then something else is broken, or lost, or gets stolen (Yes kids, I am looking at YOU!)??

Well that. So the day after I ran the Two Oceans Half I looked at our built-in glass-top hob and the whole thing was cracked, right across. FARK! I was not amused to say the least. Quinn got the brunt of my wrath about always breaking things and was banned from cooking without permission. Yada yada. I hadn't even paid for our holiday yet and was facing R5000+ to replace something that had been perfectly fine. Not amused I tell you! I left it for a week or 2, moaning all the while (yet secretly enjoying the inability to be able to/have to cook)...

When my assistant at work heard my tale of woe she said, 'Phone your home owner's insurance!'.

HUH, what!? REALLY!??

So I did. And joy of joys it was covered! It cost me R350 in excess to get it replaced. Whoop! The new Defy hob is a much updated and much better version of the old one. I love it! I have even been excited about cooking on it. New toys are great. :)

So my fugly kitchen now has a gorge shiny new hob!!
Now I really need to get the rest sorted to go with it....


  1. Looks good Jane, especially the Jeigermeister

  2. A bit of luck there. Mine has just died!