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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Our Holiday Part 2 - Thailand is my land!

We arrived in Bangkok and made our way to our hotel on Sunday morning. Although we were all pretty exhausted - not to mention much in need of a shower, after walking around in the heat of Dubai the day before! So once we had settled into 'New Siam II'. We decided not to sleep but to rather get out and explore a bit. I now know my way around Bangkok pretty well, and realised we were not very far from Shanti Lodge were we stayed last time and the food market near Rama VIII memorial bridge. So I took the reigns as chief navigator and set off walking in that direction. We ended up doing a pretty substantial walk - between 10-15kms! And it was HOT!

We went past the markets, Shanti Lodge, the University, the Dusit Zoo, the Vimanmek Teak Palace etc.

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I feel so relaxed and at home in Bangkok I just LOVE it. It is so vibrant and colourful, I really find it energising and quite thrilling.
By the time we got back to our hotel we were pretty pooped, so we had a swim and cocktail in the pool! I had a simply delicious Coconut Daiquiri. We then set off to find Khao San road, which was a few block away but surprisingly hard to find - it is a tiny road which is quite hidden. We of course had to have a foot rub and Singha beer, as well as some Pad Thai. Yum!
By the time we went to bed we were finished. I think we woke up close to 11am the next day! On day 2 we went to the Grand Palace, and then Jim Thompson's House and then the markets at Pratunum and explored up and down wherever we went. We ended up walking back to our area again via  Lumpini Park. Again we ended up in Khao San Road for the evening.
On day 3 we took a Longtail Boat Khlong Tour, which was very interesting and then explored China Town! On the way back we missed our river taxi stop and went back to Rama V bridge and had to walk back from there. Which was interesting at night. Thankfully the 7Elevens in Bangkok are prolific and so the super yummy jelly cups I plied the boys with kept them going through all the walking - well that and all the shopping opportunities.
We ate some delicious street food and had divine foot and Thai massages, and the Singha and cocktails were... well just read the sign! :)

Bangkok rocks!
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After 3 nights in Bangkok, we hopped on a plane for the quick flight to Chiang Mai!

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