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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Migraine - 3rd one in 2 months - but sweet relief!

I have posted fairly frequently about the Migraines I get. 

They had become manageable, to the point where I was getting about one a year for the past couple of years.  Although they are awful and totally debilitating, I could handle and cope with one a year. As a person who never takes so much as a Panado usually, I have learnt that these are not to just be endured though. If I try to ride these buggers out 'bare back' I am in for a 36-hour ride. And I have found that even if I pop a handful of Panados over those 36 hours I still have all the symptoms and headache but it just takes the edge off. So for the past year or 2 I go straight the a Myprodol as soon as possible and then get myself in a safe and quiet place and get to sleep as fast as I can. This way after 8-12 hours I can usually function again if I take it really slow and easy, but I am delicate for a day or so.

After my last Migraine, which struck at work and saw me literally vomiting as I retreated for home while I still could, someone at work told me they sell a 'Migraine Cocktail' at the Pharmacy downstairs. So when I got back to work I bought one. It has 4 tablets in it:
  • 1x Dixarit 
  • 1x Medazine 
  • 1x Lenadol 
  • 1x Ranfen
I am not excited at taking that many chemicals and pills, but migraines are that bad that I really will try anything!

So when I got to Canal Walk on Saturday and got the all too familiar tell tale signs of the weird tingling, visual auras and disturbances and headache and slurring. I felt some panic wondering what on earth I was going to do, and how I was going to get the boys and I home safely. I become partially blind when this happens and my brain really feels like it is shutting down, I get confused and disoriented and can't remember things.

Anyway I sat down on a bench in the centre and the boys sat patiently by. Giving me a few minutes to work out how to handle the situation. I was quite glad to remember I had my 'cocktail' in my bag. Quinn ran off to get me some water from the coffee shop nearby and I downed the pills. Slightly doubtful, but hoping for the best anyway.

I sat there with my eye closed and trying to be as relaxed as possible for about 30 mins. Afterwards I opened my eyes, and I could see! I still felt spaced out and I was slurring a bit (I might have sounded a tad drunk?) and I had a lingering but very light headache. But I was ok. ok enough to chose to stay at Canal Walk. I would never have been able to do that before. I let the boys run off to the shops they wanted to visit and I slowly walked around and browsed a few shops myself. Although I was low on energy and certainly not feeling wonderful I was ok. About 2 hours later I decided to take the boys to Wimpy so they could have dinner and I realised I was much better by hen and was a good 80% well. So I can declare that the MIGRAINE COCKTAIL WORKS!

By the time we got home I felt 100% and I had no head ache or hang over issues at all. Usually bending down would give me a searing head rush for a day or 2 after.

In fact on Monday I went straight in to buy some more and the lady said I certainly didn't look like someone who'd just had a migraine. :) I have bought 2 more, because at R20 a pop, I am not suffering like I used to ever before if I can help it!! :)


  1. I also use a mix that the pahramcy makes - looks very much the same. But I find I do have to sleep after taking it.

  2. I would have preferred to lie down and sleep, but it wasn't really an option at the time, and thankfully just taking it easy and slow did help. Mine are def stress and hormone related. So the strike at very inopportune times, and when I can lest afford the down-time.

  3. I'm so glad you found something to help Jane ~ it sounds totally debilitating and very scary.