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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Jive Women's Day Challenge 2013

I ran the Jive Women's Day Challenge 10km race in Bellville on Friday.

I have run this race a few times before (see below) It was at this race last year that I FINALLY managed to break my 50/min 10km barrier.

Although on the morning I actually didn't feel like running at all, once the race got started I was fine and even started enjoying it.

It was FREEZING cold though and for the first few kms my feet were numb from the cold. I felt pretty strong and pushed myself as much as I was able to, and managed to finish it in 47:55 and placed 63rd which I was happy with!

My sister Belinda, her nanny Lilian, and our step-mom Rose also came along and did the 5km event and so did the boys. Quinn decided to actually run this time and did pretty well. He seems to have finished in well under 30 mins. Next time I'll give him something to time himself with properly! I may have some competition on my hands soon!! :) 

My results and stats are below:

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