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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My lovely (renegade) son

So this is what Quinn decided to do yesterday....

Seems he has been bantering with his teacher and asked if he could shave his head (they are NOT allowed to have their hair that short). The teacher said 'Yes sure'. He then asked me last night and I said 'Knock yourself out' or some such dismissive comment... and so he did.

Seems I couldn't believe the teacher consented, but he kinda DID and teacher didn't think I'd let him. Because according to Quinn 'a normal mom wouldn't let their child do it'.

So today I have had a deputy headmaster on the phone with the 'we are not amused' message.

They said he was a complete spectacle this morning with everyone pointing and laughing etc. So now he has to eat his lunch outside the principal's office, and has to wear a school regulation hat to and from school for a week and may not 'represent the school' formally anywhere until it grows out enough.

All things considered it's hardly a major transgression and I think this falls under the 'working out who I am and what my style' is self-expression. So I don't think it's a big deal. Even the deputy head said he didn't think it was done in defiance or to rebel at school or anything. I don't think he realised how much attention and peer-ridicule he'd get though so I think he is a bit embarrassed and upset by that. Shame.

Never a dull moment with this one though! J 


  1. The school has rules how to style the hair?!? Really? This sounds something strange.
    As kid I had shaved my eyebrows someday - during summer - don´t ask how this white tan-line look, lol.

    Ahm. And - pst - don´t tell him - but the middle-top would be a perfect "recursive mohawk", pretty nice style, lol. ;-)

  2. Yes our school is pretty strict and traditional. We have formal uniforms and regulations about how you may look in general.

  3. Jane it's for this exact reason that i left sa, I live it country wheee mostly the schools don't give a proverbial. So sad to see such unnecessary structure, what will this message from the head master of give Quinn in terms of who he is and who is yet to become achieve, ism proud that I am a sa and that will always be one but seriously I think that Quinn just shaved his hair no biggie, live happens YOLO you know and as for the hair it will grow back


  4. Yeah this is not really a 'South African' thing. There are private/more arty and 'free spirited' schools here, even schools with no uniforms, so hardly a reason to emigrate. As said this is a particular;y strict and traditional 'anglo-centric' school where rules and appearance are pretty strict and expected to be adhered to. I still support healthy and innocuous freedom of expression though, especially within this kind of 'self/identity exploration' boundary.