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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Merrell Night Run Series 8km Trail Run #1

Last night I went of to run the 8km Merrell Night Series Trail run at Groot Constantia. I am usually a  road runner (I don't even have any trail shoes!) and decided to enter to join a friend - who then bailed!? Whatever...

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Anyway it turned out to be REALLY fun. Even though I nearly fell on my face about 5 times! Thanks to the mud, dark, errant irrigation tubes
 rocks and pot holes etc. Then I ended up doing an extra 1-1.5km, as a group of us did a large loop around the dam twice. I followed another guy* and at least 5-6 other people followed me.
. It seems that t
he arrow at the top of the vines above the dam is a bit misleading and I think we turned down in front of the gate rather than going straight through it first... I had visions of being stuck in an endless loop and having no idea how to get out of it
. At the time it didn't matter and I was having fun so was not too fussed. Since I am running a MUCH longer and tougher even next week-end
(The Table Mountain Challenge Lite**) 
I just chalked it up to extra training. BUT I somehow seem to have finished as 5th lady anyway..? Really? Wow! I am so going back next week** to claim 'podium finish! :)

Results: HERE

I'm going to take the boys
next week as it is a really fun and festive event. I am so glad I went. Looking forward to next week already!

* Who turned out to be the winning lady's boyfriend... hrm decoy much!?
on't be fooled by the word '
lite' it's
a 22kms slog off-road from 
Lion's head to Constantia Nek via the Block House on
Devil's Peak

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