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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Spring Series: Win or Dye trying!

I have been going on about the Merrell Spring Night Series for the past 2  weeks now.

I may have mentioned how much I have enjoyed myself..? ;) So although the final race this week was sold out, and I had not entered (as I was meant to be away), I just had to go back and finish what I started.

I was hell bent on getting an entry and going back to chase that damned 'podium finish' which I thought was in my reach. I was told there would possibly be entries going on the day - IF there were no-shows. I'd also heard that there was a dress-up theme for the final race of 'colourful'. And a prize for the best dressed.

Well that sealed it! I would either win by being fast, or by being idiotic and dressing like a fool, one of the 2. I think we all know where this is going...?
So this is what I wore on Wednesday night to the Spring Night Series Final Race.... I had coloured lights on my fingers and a flashing multi-coloured fibre-optic light around my neck too and long stripy coloured socks and was generally just a mess of colour and bad taste!
 (Photos by Mark Sampson of Thribe Media)

They had a crowd participation voting round to decide who should win. Starting with about 10-15 entries, then the top 6 of us having to stand on tables and then the top 3 had to perform for the crowd. I was desperate enough, and had enough friends in the crowd (who had other friends) to rile up a bit of a noise and fan-fare and I managed to elbow my garish way to a win! I do think Tatum had decided my enthusiasm was funny (or annoying?) and I really was desperate to get my paws on some trail shoes! (I may have mentioned that a few times too..?) and so to placate me I think she threw the voting slightly... and I WON!
Earning me a R1200 Merrell Shoe voucher! WORTH IT!! YAY! :)
I also managed to grab a rather sought after entry to the race after anxiously  waiting to see if I'd get one - there was a waiting list.

Ryan Sandes was there too. No pressure! he didn't dress up, so at least I didn't have to compete with him on that score. LOL.

Then without further adieu it was time for the race. Most of us stayed in our dress-up gear and it was a merry and chirpy bunch verbally sparring and giggling on the start line. I barely listened to the race briefing, and next thing it was was iPOD on, headlamp on. 40-12 coloured lights ON. Stopwatch ready and off we went!

I followed my dress-up top-3 contender team-mates 'Princess' and 'Mr South Africa' the whole way, with Princesses' neon pink lit-up tutu being a great beacon to follow up ahead.

The competition was fierce and strong and the route turned out to be pretty much the reverse route from last week. It was not easy but comfortingly familiar, even if backwards. So I kind knew what would be coming. Again, I was slipping and yelping quite a lot (I really do look forward to comparing the grip on trail shoes soon!).

There was a lot of steep climbing and a fair amount of walking happening, and yes even I relented and walked a bit - my heart rate was pushing 180 bpm at times so I didn't really have a choice in the matter.

I ran and ran and ran and gave it my all. Again not actually knowing how well I was doing because they mix the 5.5km and 8km fields half-way. I finished knowing I had tried my best. So I was kinda bummed to find out later I'd 'only' placed as 9th lady to finish. Damn. Oh well I'd won the dress-up so I was not really upset and decided to get on with the merriment of wine drinking and socialising! I was chatting and laughing through the prize giving and didn't even hear when my name was called out... I was completely taken by surprise to hear that I had placed 2nd lady overall in the whole series! Really!? Wow!! I was so stoked.

All I can say is that everything about this series was awesome and I am so glad I took part. I am just sad that it's over now.

Thanks to all involved for a fabulous intro into in the trail running scene... and stay tuned for my new trail shoes, which I hope to get soon!


My Results below:

I ran all 3 of the 8km event races in the series, and this is how I did.

Final Series results were calculated using a formula:

"Points are calculated based on winning time. Time of the winner is divided by the participant's time and then multiplied by 1000. So the maximum points per race is 1000. The person with the most points after three events will win the series."

There is an awesome gallery of pics HERE


  1. Thank you for popping by my blog! I had wanted the run a couple of the Merrell Night races, but I have lots of other things to do in the evenings and I would have to find my head lamp... That said I have run enough races for the year!!!

  2. Yes she worked for PGP for years.