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Monday, 30 September 2013

The Satori Camel Run - Take #2

I have run the Satori Camel Run twice now. The first time was last year. I mentioned it HERE  

It is a '10 miler classic' so is 16.1km long and runs through Noordhoek on road, trail, hills and valleys.

This year it came at the end of a VERY cold and stormy week, where freezing cold, wind, rain and general mayhem had dominated the week. It was so bad that throughout the day before we'd been getting messages from the race organisers saying the field were flooded so parking areas had to be closed and shifted to the nearby streets, the beach was flooded, so the route had to be changed to bypass the beach etc. As a result when the storms were raging the day before the race I was really reluctant to have to wake up early and make the trek over the mountain to run in the elements. It just didn't sound like a fun idea AT ALL. I actually moaned about not wanting to go on FaceBook, and the inimitable Michelle Cupido told me that many people had not been able to get an entry for this race and so if I HAD one I had better damn-well pitch up and do it! Yes ma'am  And also as you should know by now, I am nothing if not dedicated to my commitments (I don't commit easily, but when  do I stick to it!). So I decided, come hell or high water, I would get up and GO.

So up I got on that dark and stormy morning (which was so called 'Spring Day' PAH!) and off I went at sparrow's fart and in the dark. Driving through low cloud and pouring rain all the way and dressed like an eskimo. When I arrived and finally found parking way up a side street, I ended up sitting my car for a good 15-20 minutes just deciding whether to actually get out and go run the damn race or not. I wasn't feeling all that well either. Meh. So not my best start to a race ever at all. 

Eventually I mustered the resolve to get going, spurred on by Beryl & Bridget banging on my window as they passed by in high spirits - as always. As luck would have it despite the chill nip in the air, and much water and mud everywhere, the weather had actually lifted and the rain seemed to be temporarily at bay.

So with pre-race routines sorted it was time to line up and get ready to go. I seeded myself near the front and soon we were off. 

I had a slow and sluggish start, but soon got into a comfortable pace and enjoyed the crisp air and festive crowd. Before we knew it we'd entered the Cape Point Vineyard and start the climb up THAT hill. It's a killer. I ran it until that very last crazy-steep section where walking actually becomes faster than running. Once up that I felt strong and was ready for a crazy fast descent down the otherside, only to find the other side pretty muddy, eroded and slippery from all the rain, so a bit of caution was needed there. But it was still a fast and fun decent. At the bottom we were waved on by a large toad - who I considered stopping to kiss, but was too focused on keeping a good pace up so I ploughed on.

I kept going. My time last year was JUST shy of 1:30 and I hoped to beat, or at least match that. This year I got to Monkey Valley still feeling good. Last year I was already taking strain at this point. I was even managing to pass some people which was nice. On I ran actually enjoying the cool weather. The detour we took in the neighbourhood instead of the beach and dunes made it a bit easier for me and avoided all the sand in the shoes which was nice. In fact I'd managed to stay pretty clean and dry...

And then we had to run the loop through the farmlands section which is in the last 3-4 kms. Well despite my best efforts to avoid the mud and water puddles eventually I came to what can only be described as a mini-dam and there was no way around it. I thought what the hell and just ran straight through the middle. Getting wet right up to the middle of my calves! After that with soggy shoes I just ploughed through whatever was in front of me. There was no point in trying to be delicate about it anymore! I was still feeling pretty strong and pressed on to complete those last couple of kilometers and managed to finish in a very respectable 1:26 and few seconds and in 89th place (second finisher from my club). Results are HERE.

Those 'Camel Droppings' (Date balls) at the end are divine and I love the Buffs instead of medals idea too. So useful. Great bragging rights and good advertising for the club.

The end was a cold, wet and muddy but festive affair where I discovered everyone was there: Lorien, Michelle, David, Beryl, Bridget, El, Adele, Morne, Will, Zaheed, Ellie, Moira, Andy etc etc. In the end I loved it and was really glad I'd gone.

It is a lovely race and one I am sure I will be back for again next year! :)

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