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Monday, 16 September 2013

Runners are gross...

So I have seen and heard of some of the gross things runner do, and have always tried to keep it 'clean' and dignified... but I ran the toughest race I have ever done on Saturday morning - the Table Mountain Challenge Lite which was 22kms from Lion's Head to Constantia Nek via the Block House (mountain trail races are not for sissies hey).  While pounding down a rocky descent at the front of the mountain I had a bit of USI (urinary stress incontinence) aka I peed my pants a little from the impact (I am sure many of you know what I mean wrt jumping on a trampoline now post-kids..?) Anyway it didn't matter at all because there was so much mud and water around, that at one point I was literally up to my waist in water at a river crossing. (Sorry Cape Town water supply!!) ;)

Then while running in the wet and cold my nose was just streaming so I did that disgusting blow your nose into your hand thing! I just had to, and again there was so much water around it washed away immediately.

But yup after 8 years I finally became one of those siff bodily-fluid-ejecting runners!

But heck I am not that bad... here are 5 Disgusting things runners do ... at least I don't spit or poop my pants!

Here's more on gross running habits.

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