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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Birthday List - the year of 40

I don't think I have ever made a birthday list, but Laura always does one. It's not something I am usually personally comfortable with, I don't usually want or expect anything, but this year there are a few things I'd love...

Hey, I am pregnant AND I am turning 40! :)
So these are things I'd love - and will probably get myself!

- A Mexican Bola. I heard about these when I trained to be a doula and have wanted one ever since. 

The Mexican Bola is a chime ball that was first worn by pregnant women in Mexico who learned through generations of motherhood that the soothing sound of the Mexican Bola against the tummy had a calming effect on their babies before and after birth.

The beautiful relaxing sound from the Mexican Bola is produced by tiny chimes inside the pendant.

- Pamper Vouchers. Pedicures, manicures reflexology, massages, hair treatments, facials anything nurturing and pampery would be awesome.

- Perfumes/Fragrances - I never have any really nice smelly stuff.

- Nice lotionsmoisturizers and/or Soy Lites Candles.

- Decent make-up. I have a pile of crap and I think it does make a difference. I think at 40 I should become a real adult and get proper cosmetics that actually suit me!

-Actually anything from The Body Shop! :)

- Good snuggly towels - my bathroom is beige/brown, but I am not fussy about colours.

- Some decent heeled shoes. I am starting to like shoes but really don't have any good ones and/or a nice pair of black winter knee-high boots.

- A nice general purpose leather handbag.

- A black evening bag. I have no evening bags at all.

- A nice leather purse/wallet.

- Potted Orchids - I LOVE them!

- A decent camera. I am not talking fancy pro DSL but just a decent point and shoot jobbie.

- Vouchers for anything from Woolworths, to Kauai, to Sportman's Warehouse, to @Home, to anything.

- A cruise holiday. LOL. Yeah right!

- An iPAD - even less likely!

* Note I really don't expect people to actually give me these things, but it was fun compiling the list and I'll aim to work on providing myself with some of these grown-up gifts during my 'year of 40' .

What I would actually like more is:
Dinner/movie/picnic or coffee date invites! I miss and want to see my friends more. Invite me over!

- A walk on the beach or in the forest with me and ice-cream after.

- A hand written note/card.

- Flowers - bought or picked I don't mind.

- Hugs & Cuddles

- Personal foot-rubs and quality time.

- To feel special and thought of and cared for!

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