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Friday, 14 March 2014

Pregnancy Update - 17 weeks

So I am 17+ weeks pregnant now with this surro-baby boy, and all is going well.

I am still waiting to feel this one move... it feels really imminent but the anterior placenta is blocking the feeling I think. It will either be really soon, or possibly another few weeks. 

Every morning when I wake up the first thing I do is feel my bump which is really growing now - although oddly I can still lie on it on my tummy at yoga. I know I stopped much sooner the other times and I felt like it might 'pop' of I lay on it. This time it feels fine so I am going to keep doing it till it doesn't work/feel right anymore (I wouldn't do the bow now though with ALL weight directly on belly, but cobra etc is fine). The only thing that was tough yesterday was the plough as that squished me a bit too much, else everything else is good still.

I am STILL feeling nauseous, almost threw up this morning again and have been a bit green most afternoons this week. Also heartburn seems to be starting up already. Oh joy. I am a bit cheesed off because nausea AND heart burn together is a bum deal! It should be one or the other - not both!

I have also been napping, due to exhaustion, when I get home some evenings. Which is a bit frustrating. So I don't get much done. But otherwise all is good with work and I am getting by so it's fine. 

I just wish I had more energy and was exercising more and going to the gym and being cute and fit, not just getting flabby. But I am not all that fussed to be honest. I have realised I am feeling quite pleased and grateful to have this opportunity to experience all this again. and it is definitely my last time, so despite to discomfort, and compromises required I am enjoying and fully experiencing it as it happens. It's nice. I feel good about it. :)

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  1. I am now 21 weeks and have only just started feeling the softest movements. ( I also have an anterior placenta going).

    I think it is marvelous of you to be a surrogate!