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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

28 week update

I just had my 28 week midwife appointment this morning.

All's good, but neither I NOR my midwife can figure out how this little guy is lying..!? 

We can't figure out where his head is (either breech or vertex), but he seems to be anterior (his spine to my tummy) as I am feeling movement in my bowel today. I THINK he is vertex as I had very high movement under my ribs yesterday which I think was from legs. But really we can't tell.

Midwife says my abs are pretty tight, which is making it hard to feel, and it's making me seem smaller than I am, and why she thinks he seems so high, my uterus is 29-30 cm (at 28 weeks), so pretty big actually. And I am a mere 2kgs away from my FINAL weight with Griffin before I gave birth. YIKES!!! But again she says I don't LOOk that big or disproportionate and I am active and being reasonably healthy. So I guess it is what it is and I am not too worried.

Otherwise all good and health and we agreed I don't need to go back again for another visit for another month (I'll be 33 weeks then) and then we can switch to 2-weekly.

PS According to Griffin the baby plays XBox in utero. He marks an X and then boxes it. :) :lol: :P

Here's how I look atm at 27.5 weeks on the week-end and yesterday at 28 weeks:
J @ 27.5 weeks pregnant-md.jpg
J @ 28 weeks pregnant-morning-md.jpg

The midwife was saying that I am not carrying that far OUT, but rather that my uterus has grown up high quickly. He is already right at my ribs and diaphragm. But there's no baby parts right in my pelvis at the moment. So no real bladder pressure. Yay! But later in the day breathing gets a little tough when sitting. And the heartburn starts... So it's a trade-off. ;)

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