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Friday, 20 June 2014

Proud of my boy...

Griff is an amazing child he just quietly gets on with whatever needs to be done, and while he can sometimes seem to be a lazy obstinate shit (he'd gladly spend alllll day playing pc games), he really has an amazing sense of ethics and principals.

He'll get up every day when I get home, to come and greet me and see if I need help carrying stuff from the car, and he'll even come help me take my shoes off if I am struggling (or being lazy myself). In the morning he'll pack my lunch for me and is just generally helpful and nurturing.

He self-studied this term managing his own time and schedule and deciding what he needed to focus on and when. He's been bringing his exams home in the past week so I can see them and his marks have been really good, all between 75 (Geography) -96 (Maths)%.

Anyhow, yesterday they got their Geography papers back and while the teacher was going through the exam with them - so they could write in corrections for the things they got wrong - Griff noticed he'd been awarded a mark on one question, where he's actually got the answer wrong. He took it back to show the teacher and got a mark deducted.

The teacher was so impressed at his ethics and honesty, that he got rewarded 10 merits.

I love that he has this deep level of integrity and sense of wrong and right. Too many people focus on what they can get away with...

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