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Monday, 23 June 2014

Eye Eye Eye

So I took Q for an optometrist appointment on Saturday because it's been about 9 months since his last check up and he's run out of spare contact lenses.

He's actually been pretty slack/naughty with them - leaving them in for daaays at a time, sleeping with them in, not cleaning them as often as he should and wearing them for too long, like 1.5 months - basically until they break. I should have realised he was due for more, but with preggy brain I wasn't really focused on it. I have been asking him occasionally how his eyes are and if he is taking care of them, and I get a yes every time... so I guess it was a 'yes' same as the response for if he has studied... :roll: 

Well, his eye sight is not in a brilliant state now. He has basically made his cornea swell and become cloudy and so they can't actually find a prescription that gets his vision perfect now. They could only get to about 60%. He can heal his cornea but he NEEDS to rest is eyes and give them a break from the lenses - and wash them properly. So from now on he has to wear specs too, and keep contacts for school and sport only, and MUST take them out for evenings, while sleeping and week-ends etc.

So we've had to order new stronger contacts, and then a new pair of specs - and because his sight is now so bad (-7.0) he needs the super-duper expensive material which allows for thinner lenses and not the thick-coke bottle look... And also he didn't want any of the cheaper frames and insisted on a much more expensive 'cool' pair. So the specs alone are - wait for it R7600!!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: Thankfully we got several discounts so it's 'only' costing R4100. And then +-R2000 for the contacts once we know which ones to get.

If that wasn't bad enough, while there I asked them to do a quick check on Griff, just to make sure his eyes are still good. Joy of joys his eyes are also short sighted (no astigmatism though) and at -1.0 no he is also getting specs for distance work. Luckily he still (just) qualified for the healthy eyes programme, so this round is free. But - here we go again! :?

Boys New Specs-md.jpg
The new specs

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  1. Oh I know! L 's one eye is -6,5 and the lenses cost a fortune!