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Monday, 21 June 2010

Experience of a lifetime...

The boys and went to a world cup football match today.

We left home at 09:30 this morning and only got back at 18:00.

We caught a train into town from our closest station and then took a walk to the nearby fan park and had coffee etc - while waiting for the worst of the rain to pass.

Once the rain abated a little we walked the fan mile to the Greenpoint Stadium to go see the Portugal vs North Korea game live.

Although it was really cold and raining, and we were wearing enough clothing to last us a week (I had 2x pairs of pants, 3x pairs of socks, 3 shirts, scarf, gloves, hat and warm jacket and was STILL COLD!) the vibe and spirit was amazing and we had such fun. It was an absolute blast!!

Portugal annihilated N Korea 7-0 and everyone was on their feet by the end of the game, it was fantastic. The stadium is beautiful and gorgeous and the atmosphere was electric. At one point there was a massive vuvuleza chant with everyone blowing in unison it was the most incredible thing.

Man what an unforgettable experience I am so so glad we went and so glad we made a full day of it and really made it memorable. The train journey home was jam packed but also so festive and vibey with everyone jostling and joking. The unity this world cup has brought is fantastic.





We certainly felt it today. Well done Portugal. Go Ronaldo!



  1. Well done for getting them there for the experience!

  2. WOW so much fun! I am sorry now I never got tickets and with the new house this money I am just not sure we can swing it now :(