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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Quinn's ear c-toma update - new op date AUG

Just an update.

Quinn had another appointment with his ENT last week. His right ear is healing as well as can be expected, and has had no further complications, so that is very good news.

Unfortunately we have had to push his left ear surgery out to August since the Prof was unable to accommodate us before then, so it can not be done before the end of the holidays.

We went for a new audio-gram (hearing test) yesterday and his results seem pretty similar to the last round... we'll await the interpretation from the Prof when we meet him though. We have a consult booked with the Prof on 29 July. So he can have a look at the ear in question and prepare himself for the case. The surgery date will be set after this. Dr R says the Prof can also advise us on options for reconstructing the mechanics of Quinn's right ear in future.

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