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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Do It Day 2010 - Niall Mellon Trust Community Housebuild

Griff and I had some one-on-one time attending the Niall Mellon Trust Community Housebuild 'Do It Day' again this year - while Quinn recuperated at a friend's house. The first half of the day we were on a painting team the second half we mixed dugga, fetched sand, water and building-blocks and helped to lay blocks. Hard hard work but very fun and super rewarding. Loved it again!

Sandi-Pandi & Lees were there too. 

Griff at the start of a long day of work.

Griff doing a little warm up dance before the day gets going...

Team Leader Tom - man of few words and even less action! LOL

Griff holding our protective gear on our water break.

Hard work is bonding.

This was early morning before we got hot and sweaty.

Painting is surprisingly hard work! Griffin splattered so the goggles were required in self-defense!

Lunch break. We were starving and scoffed our lunch and were all smiles once our energy levels increased again.

Team Awesome - house completed!

Should I give up my day job? ;)

Our Team. We had such fun, singing to each other, telling jokes, dissing each other and making up nick names. Thanks for a great time Aubrey, Uriah, Garth, G-Unit and erm ...others. ;)

Ons is zeffer as ekke! Too cool for school.

This is a really worthwhile event to get involved in.

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