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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Quinn Update: Day 3 post c-toma op #2

Quinn's ear 3 days after Cholesteatoma surgery #2. Looking good so far, and not much leakage either. :)
Last time we changed dressings 2x per day for about 2 weeks, he had a lot of blood and fluid seeping out, this time we have left the bandage off all day from today and he has just gone to bed without it too. So it seems to be pretty stable and settled already.

I can't get him to nap at all during the day but have kept him watching movies and playing on the computers and playing gently every day so far. Day 1 & 2 he napped at about 5pm, but today he pushed through till 8pm and then started fading so went to bed.

Apart from his ear being sensitive to the touch though he is totally fine and in good spirits. Our only challenge is how 'deaf' he is now. We are hoping once the packing dissolves out of this left ear he'll regain some hearing but as this is his 'good' ear for now we are having to yell at him to get his attention and talk very clearly and directly at him... and WORSE (for me) is that he is turning up the volume on TV, PC and Playstation to FULL, so I have to endure blaring games and cartoons all day long. ARGH!

But all things considered so far this op has gone very well.

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