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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

So proud of Quinn! Term 3 Results.

I am so so proud of my boy. Despite a really tough and scary time with his operations and general hearing (and seeing) issues this year he has done incredibly well this term.

Not only has he managed to get a really good report...


But he also got a letter commending him for his good behaviour & attitude.


Well done my boy, you are a champion!

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p.s. Also I forgot to mention that after Quinn's op the other day after I spent the evening with him playing and chatting and had given him his chocolate milk, biltong and sweeties, when I was leaving to let him sleep he thanked ME 'for everything'. I was astounded. He's the one who went through the huge surgery and ordeal but he was thanking me... *sniff*

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  1. What an awesome awesome child (many thanks to his mom!)
    Wow,... this is really great