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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Griffin wrote a poem!

Aw my boy has been so amazing. He is doing a project on animals. He chose Dolphins, so I found and printed a whole bunch of info off the web including pictures, poems and everything he needed. Then 2 days later (thanks to bloody Quinn meddling :roll: ) he changed to Spider Monkeys. I didn't have much time so only got a few bits and pieces and then forgot about it.

I asked him about it today because I had totally forgotten about the project and he has gone to the school library himself to get more info, drew his own pictures and then wrote his OWN poem - because he couldn't find one, and he says he'll get more marks for effort and creativity.

This child is melting my heart right now. My precious boy.

Here is his poem, I think it is pretty good.

Spider Monkeys
Long limbs
Swinging around all day
Carrying their young
Having some fun
Always like to play!


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