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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Reynaud's Syndrome is a-numbing!

I finally actually know what is 'wrong' with me now. It is called Reynaud's Syndrome or Reynaud's Phenomenon. Since I was about 18 years old my fingers and toes go white/yellow and have NO circulation if I get very cold - always starting with the middle one. I used to think it was just a normal random winter thing to do with circulation and or a pinched nerve from all the clothing layers in winter. But this year I have been really plagued by it. I have researched it now and hey presto it is exacerbated by stress and emotional issues, cold and tension (physical pressure) and I have had a lot of all 4 recently.

Mine gets so bad I lose the strength and grip in my hands and when I cycle it can get so bad that I can not brake or change gears! Then when I get home I can't turn the key in my door! It is rather annoying and sometimes even alarming. I have to immerse my hands and feet in hot water to get the blood flowing again and then the parts that were white go dark purple...

This is not my photo but this is EXACTLY what my hands look like:
Mine is usually the middle 3 fingers and it starts at the tips of the fingers and moves downwards. Shaking my hands around and flicking my fingers doesn't really help at all.

This winter I have been wearing gloves a lot and drive around with my heater on full blast and my fingers IN the air-vents!

As I type now my fingers are pale and numb. GAH!, and it is not even that cold right now.

Anyone else have this?

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