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Monday, 10 October 2011

Rocking the Daisies - 6th time - EPIC!

So this past week-end was Rocking the Daisies - we have been every year since the very first one in 2006, so this was our 6th time. It was fan-freaking-tastic! More so possibly because of the shitty crap past few months I have had, so I can't remember when last I had so much fun and felt so happy and relaxed. I LOVED IT!

It was amazing... in fact it was almost too good, the line up was so packed with amazing things it was impossible to get to see everyone, with 4 main music dance floors, beach bar, cinema, performance theatre, food zone, shopping area, gaming area, bloggin area, 'Man Zone', 'Daisy Den' for chicks who wanted hot showers, manicures and GHD treatments and crap. LOL.

Just some of what I managed to see/do: The Arrows, Jon Savage from Cassette, Jeremy De Tolly from Dirty Skirts, Louise Carver, 'Disco Dave', Martin Cito Otto from Wonderboom, Tasha Baxter, Paul Snodgras, Rob Van Vuuren, JR, Kwesta, Jack Parow, aKING, Prime Circle, Just Jinger, Gazelle, Graeme Watkins Project, Iiscreamstix, Yoav, Civil Twilight, Deep Fried Man, Jeremy Loops etc etc.

Then there was sipping Mojitos at the beach bar, swimming in the dam. Butlers Pizzas, Sweet & Sour Pork, Soft Serve Ice- Cream, spending time with the boys. Seeing them happy and excited. Playing pool (and being beaten hands down twice! :shock: ) with Quinn. Getting pushed and shoved while leaping around like a 16-year-old and singing along right in front stage centre. Annoying students making a bloody racket outside our tent for 2 nights in a row so I got almost no sleep at all. Trance music all night long. Dust and gross port-a-loos. Fun & too much sun and more! ♥ Best week-end of the year! I honestly love it all.


Oh and then I know some of you thought (think) taking my kids to a festival like this is questionable and even irresponsible parenting... well I have to agree... I left Quinn alone for just an hour or so, and when I came back, he was...well just look!
:shock: :roll: :lol: :twisted:

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