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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Rocking the Daisies (4th time)

We went to Rocking the Daisies for the week-end and had a total ball - as always.

Gang of Instrumentals
Goldfish (OMG they totally ROCKED!)
Freshly Ground
Just Jinger &
Prime Circle

The other featured bands were background music (for us) and we didn't really watch/listen to them specifically. Roxy went with us (even though pets were actually NOT allowed) and she was perfectly behaved. Stayed with us. Slept in our kitchen tent without making any mess or fuss, and attracted positive attention from everyone - which she loves. In fact no one had an issue with her at all. We were told quite a few times how well trained she is. :)

Quinn found a full sealed beer and pack of cigarettes on the way back to the main music area after dinner on Saturday night. He asked me if he could sell them. I said he could try, and sort of shrugged it off. 10 mins later he came back with R20. I said, 'Dude you were ripped off.' And he said, 'It was the highest offer I got, and anyway I FOUND them, and what was I going to do with them?' Fair enough.

Turns out he walked up to someone queuing at the bar and said, 'I'll sell you a beer for R20', the guy said, 'R5', Quinn said, 'R10', the guy said 'Ok', then Quinn said, 'For R20 you can have these cigarettes too' and the deal was done. Apparently the guy laughed and said he was going to do well at varsity one day.

It is such a cool festival and we really enjoy it lots!


  1. Love Quinn's spunk :)
    Glad you had a good time

  2. Looks like so much fun :) And go Quinn!!

  3. Reminds me of Woodstock. Not that I actually went but the whole tents, music vibe. KWIM??

  4. Sjoe. Good think Liam did not attend!