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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Assvice please...

Pertaining to the post below.

Ok I have prepared a 13-page document detailing the entire situation including all relevant forms, emails and dates and info as it happened. As far as I am concerned I have a pretty strong case too. However I am effectively and technically in contempt of court now and they are free to arrest me as and when they wish.

I spoke to someone at the magistrates court this afternoon. It seems I only have 2 available options here (well 3 - if you include sit and wait to be arrested..):

1. Appear before the magistrate and plead my case and hopefully get off... Or rather sic them on HIM instead. But this would mean I would need to take at least a day off work, arrive there early and hope to be near the front of the queue and get a turn to be seen. It relies on 'the system' actually working for me. Is there much chance of that in reality?


2. Cough up R1000 to settle it all and move on.

(Noting that I have a R2000 lawyer bill to pay still, and need to do some roof repairs etc etc etc too)

So there doesn't seem to be any good option.

Do you think it's worth trying the court option? Or should I, once again, cut my losses and sort out HIS mess???

1) 1) 1)

I am so so so tired of always having to sort everything out all the time. There can not be anything more now. Surely?!


  1. not many choices there. i would be inclined to take the path that causes you the least discomfort and screw "the principle".

    i swear i will knock the plonker into a coma if i see him

  2. Do 1) - they really should listen to you and easily understand that this wasn't your fault at all!

    Big hugs!

  3. If jail wasnt an option and we had a little bit more organised legal system I would go with one.

    But since jail is an option and we have a little bit of a dodgy system - I would go with 2.

    BUT maybe just see if someone can help you to make sure his wont happen again? Have you chatted to a lawyer Jane? Maybe they can offer a 3rd option!

  4. I would go with the second option just to get the thing over with and to be able to move on.