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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Get Out of Jail card - R300

After thinking and talking the issue through this morning and taking all advice into consideration, I decided to go in to the Magistrate court with my paper work to see if I could find someone to speak to. I realised I could not risk actually being arrested, not only from a credit & criminal record POV, but also because the LAST thing I need is for the cops to rock up at home and to arrest me in front of the boys... I just could not let that happen.

So off I went. But I couldn't get in the front door because they insisted I had 'a weapon' in my bag. After trying unsuccessfully to convince them that I really didn't, I started getting a bit emotional, so I emptied my bag out on the floor dramatically. They calmly x-rayed my empty bag... and found a nail file stuck in the lining.
By that stage I was losing it a bit, so after them trying to insist I leave because of the 'dangerous' nail file in my possession. I impatiently threw it out the door and marched into the lift and up to the 4th floor. I had no idea where I was going it was just the first button I pressed. Once I got out and realised there were just corridors of closed doors everywhere I had a bit (ok quite a lot) of a break down.

A concerned man found me and calmed me down enough to be able to explain the issue to him. He then directed me to the 3rd floor where I waited in a queue and then saw an officer who listened for a few minutes and then canceled the fines. He said he couldn't cancel the contempt of court fine, as that can only be done by a magistrate. I would need to take a day off work, go back get listed on a court roll and then wait appear in court. All for R300. I decided to rather pay it.

I went down to the cashier, waited in a queue for about 45 mins and paid the R300.

So it is sorted.
He get off scot-free. Surprise-surprise. :roll: :evil:

And I am literally FINISHED.

This had better be the last thing. Because I can not do this stuff anymore. I think I have found my breaking point.


  1. so sorry that you had to go through that. i like the man who uncrumpled you tho'.

  2. He IS an idiot!! Seriously!
    I cannot believe what he willingly puts you and the boys through