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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Spec Savers FTW!!!

Argh so Quinn's specs are broken again... *sigh* The first pair lasted over a year. This pair just 4 months!

I guess it's to be expected what with being boys in a boys school where rough housing is the order of the day. But I was none too impressed anyway. I told Quinn straight that I was not interested in getting him delicate minimalist frames again. Especially since all the optometrist staff have advised against it anyway (but he always insists that those are the ONLY ones he likes). Anyway the specs broke last Thurs - just before I was due to go away for the week-end, so there was not much I could do about it other than patch them, which I did. I managed to glue them together and they seemed fine. I told Quinn to be gentle with them. Life acrried on and I mostly forgot about it. Until Tuesday afternoon when I collected him from aftercare to find the specs completely broken. Apparently this was caused by a 3 way wrestling match at aftercare. GREAT way to be careful with your specs dude! *roll eyes*

So our evening plans were shelved and a speedy trip to Spec Savers ensued, where Quinn agreed with me that he should get some more practical frames. He tried on a few and settled on one pair which both he and I thought were best. They are quite nice actually. Off we marched to get the order in waiting for the pain when the quote came. Total cost? FREE! Even though it's a repeat order for the lenses Spec Savers will make them up free, and those frames are the free option too. Score!

Don't you just love it when something good happens, unexpectedly? :)

Thank-you Spec Savers. You rock!

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  1. thats one of the first good things i've heard about spec savers. My experience with them was NOT great at all. In fact, i won't be back there.