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Monday, 18 October 2010

Random Updates to catch-up

I haven't blogged properly in the longest time... I have kind of lost my motivation and inspiration to do it. It takes time and I had started wondering wtf the point was. However I do like being able to go back to events and times in the past and see what we did and have a record of it, so I don't want to stop entirely.

Anyway so here is a catch-up and random thoughts and updates of bits and pieces from the past few months

- I went to see the Basement Jaxx when they were in town. Sadly they were not half as good as I expected them to be, and they only played a couple of their songs and were mostly just DJing other music and quite badly at that. The sounds at the venue was terrible too). Still despite that I had a darn good time and was out till 4am! YIKES.

- We climbed Lion's Head a few times again. ALWAYS love that. It is the best! It makes me feel happy. :)

- I had sushi a few times with a few different people. Always fun and worth while and the variety of dinner companions was interesting too. Most charming by far was Quinn though. He is my most ideal man. LOL. (And no there is nothing weird or inappropriate about our relationship!)

- All in the space of one week I found out that:
  - Half of Quinn's latest op medical bills were not being covered by our medical aid.
  - My job may be becoming redundant after the end of the year.
  - Our beloved Nanny was considering resigning - for a better offer.
  - My car needed a service.
  - My heart was slightly broken
  - Oh and a Summons arrived for the ex for a tidy sum of R74 662!!!
It was a just a tad overwhelming to say the least. I was not so happy to be alive that week, but I managed to put each issue in a box and shut it and carried on, and dealt with each one at a time as and when I could and I seem to be on top of most of them now. Still ongoing but at least I am taking steps to resolve them all, and I am still here and still smiling!

- Despite the above shit shit shit week we went to Rocking the Daisies at the end of that week. Not much sleep was had but I came back exhausted but happy again. It was just what I needed after a damn tough couple of weeks. I actually almost didn't go because of all the things piled up to overwhelm me and I was not really in a festive mood, But in the end I dragged myself there and I am so glad I did, because despite struggling to get the tent up in the wind (ARGH), and for a moment thinking 'I hate camping'. It was a total blast from that moment onwards. We just chilled and went with the flow and did our thing. The boys really clicked into place and we had some real quality time too. We worked as a well oiled machine to take our camp down and get everything back in the car. It was  so nice to be able to just sit and not feeling like you have to be somewhere or do something important instead. Bliss! There was one moment on Sat night when Q was cold and he just came and snuggled into me while we were watching the fire dancers, and life just felt perfect in that moment. And then one morning as the boys were sneaking out the tent to go explore Griffin kissed my cheek as he climbed over me. *melt* I live for stuff like that, seriously. :) (Next time we need a mattress though. I definitely don't drink enough to not have a mattress and I kept having to roll over to give my poor hip bones a break. I think my minimalist camping style is a tad too minimal!) Still I came back from that week-end feeling refreshed and revived and ready to tackle life (and all it's challenges) again. WOOT!

- I have been more sick this year than I think I have ever been before, and certain in the last 10-15 years. I have had colds/tonsillitis/flu at least 3 times now, and have had migraines 2-3 times this year too. I blame stress, of which I have had heaps this year too. I actually have seriously considered taking myself to the doctor in the past few days, THAT'S how bad I have felt. Note that my last GP visit for myself was when I was 15 - I just don't go to the doctor... like EVAR! But yeah my immune system is struggling this year. I hope this is the last of it.

- I cleaned my pool thoroughly yesterday, it is usually very clean, but I let it slip for a few weeks and it was quite mucky. 2x backwashes, a load of chlorine, much sweeping and scrubbing and 5x leaf basket empties later and it is now sparkling clean and ready for summer. BRING IT ON!

- Quinn is healing up nicely still following his c-toma op. We have another check-up on Wednesday but so far everything is 100% fine. Yay! :)

- My sister is pregnant and due to have her baby in the next month or so, very exciting. I can not wait to see my new baby niece, who has a gorgeous name!

- My gran turned 91 last month and despite trying to phone her unsuccessfully on the actual day I have not spoken to her nor dropped of the cookies the boys baked for her. I feel SO bad about it. I am a terrible person!

- Just got an email from SARS that I need to pay them R17 000!? WTF!!?? Best I go deal with that then....

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  1. I know is a stupid comment, but is 'nice' to know I am not the only one with an overwhelming life right now!