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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Quinn: What's Alimony?

So yesterday the boys ask about 'What's alimony' they hear about it on Two and a Half Men. So I explain it's maintenance/child support etc.

Quinn says if he was a woman he'd marry a 2-3 guys and then get alimony and not have to work again. :shock: :?

So I was like dude it doesn't work like that, I don't get anything, I pay for everything myself.

So he was like wow really? What about all the lawyer bills?

So I let them know that I paid for EVERYTHING, and their dad hasn't contributed at all, not the the divorce or afterwards and they were astounded. G (our morality police) was offended 'But that's rude because alimony is for school fees and so the kids can eat and stuff!'. Uhuh I agree!

Anyway I am not sure I should have told them, but we have such an open relationship and talk about EVERYTHING and it sort of feels to me like they need to know about what went down with their dad. If and when he ever makes amends he'll have to do it with them actually knowing what's gone on...


  1. I am so glad I do not need to make these decisions.

  2. I do think kids need to know the truth

  3. They are old enough to know! I am also starting slowly now to be more honest with my two about the things their dad did (or didnt do).

    They can understand what it all means now!

    Its still a sad truth for them :(

  4. I think you're right to tell the truth. Otherwise the kids have an unclear picture of the other person.

  5. Same here, my ex is not paying a cent either so I make sure the kids know their steph dad is the man to admire not their own. He rather lied and cheat the system. My daughter went on a gymnastics tour to Melbourne and my husband, her steph dad, paid for all her costs! Shame on you ex husbands!!