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Friday, 1 October 2010

Pics from Quinn's surgery

Not the best quality photos but these are from our awesome Doc, taken in the theatre during Quinn's latest surgery...

Under GA - My baby Under General Aesthetic (for 5 whole hours) for his second Cholesteatoma surgery. This is our anaesthetist affectionately known as 'Tubby' who takes fantastic care of my boy.

The Docs in action - The fabulous Dr R standing by, Prof L working with the microscope, the theatre nurse and scrub nurse. Fascinating stuff. I would have loved to have been able to attend, I love surgeries!

Inside his head - Inside Quinn's head during the surgery. It is hard to see with the over exposure but that is his ear flapped forward and retracted and they are working inside his head from behind the ear...

I love that I have this relaxed relationship with the doc that he shares these things with me and will say;
'Sorry I should have got consent before taking photos of him'.
I was all like 'Dude you know me, I'm totally cool with it'.
And he said 'Yeah I know, that's what I thought. Give me your memory stick so I can give you a copy!'

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