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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Anyone have a Solar Geyser yet???

I am looking at getting one for my house since our electricity account has gone from about R350pm when we moved in 5-6 years ago, to more like R750pm now! :shock: Note that this is AFTER putting all low wattage bulbs in and having one less family member... bloody Eskom! :evil:

Anyway so those that have gone ahead and got a solar geyser system:

How much did it cost? Before and after your rebate.

How long did it take to get your rebate paid to you?

Did you have to replace your entire geyser in the process?
Apparently this is necessary and you only get the rebate if you do this? You can't keep your old geyser.

How much of a saving do you have afterwards, is it significant? Our main uses of electricity at home are our geyser and pool, the rest is trivial (no dish washer or tumble dryer or heaters, and hardly use my oven etc). We have a washing machine and vacuum running a few times a week but apparently these don't consume much and TV and PCs are trivial...

How long do you reckon the Return On Investment takes to pay for itself?

How long does it last and have you had to spend anything further on fixes, replacements or any other maintenance etc?? I.e. are there other hidden costs involved?

I presume it's a kind of investment in the property and would be attractive to future buyers as a really nice to have fitting/feature?

Any advise, warnings or suggestions from your experience?

Should I go for it???

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