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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My boys' home Jack-Ass Movies *rude/naughty*

So Quinn got a cell phone for his birthday and started making rude/naughty videos with it while unsupervised when we were on holiday... I don't think he fully realises that I have a 'nanny-cam' of sorts now and can see the 'ish that he gets up to when I am not around... SO BUST DUDE!!!

Exhibit A - Giving Griffin an 'Epic Kick in the Ass'

Exhibit B - Pushing Griffin into the Pool

Exhibit C - Kicking Griffin in the Face (!?!)

Exhibit D - Playing with fire (and burning an abandoned kiddies' shoe) while supposedly making the braai while I had a quick swim.


Fark they are naughty.

Note these were semi-staged and they collaborated on what to do, so Griffin wasn't just being bullied without warning...
:shock: :roll: :oops:
I'll probably take them down soon since I am clearly a shocking parent based on these!!!!

Well when I saw them I couldn't decide if I was angry/amused/horrified. We have had a long talk about them! AND especially me being able to trust them to not do anything stupid or dangerous while I am not around - like burning the entire bone dry camp down!


  1. What do you use on his phone? I installed Juniorwatch on Quintus'phone. Just wondering what you use.

  2. The naughties! :-) I am totally going to watch those videos later when I am home, lol. (Doesn't it just seem like exactly the kind of thing we would have done as kids, had we but had cellphones?)